My name is Junior Jules. I am specifically focused on branding businesses name so one can be successful.

Step By Step Guide to build your business Brand Name
Build your Brand from Scratch.
No more countless hours searching in the internet for ways to build your Brand.
We do all the long hours research for you. All the mistakes and unnecessary time and money spent on fees, long applications. fees to pay to get started, there are many people out there who are charging hundreds of dollars to file your brand name papers. Getting licenses and leases, they all required money, time to research them. Every Name Brand or Businesses is different depends on the Industry. We will guide you to build your brand to success within your industry.

Banks and Loan officers requirements for any new businesses to get started or for 2 years old plus businesses to continue to be successful.
1. personal credit or business credit: how high is your score? Not how low is your score? Lol
2. An bad activities in your credit such as bankruptcies, late payments.
3. personal Income tax or business income tax: total income, expenses, lost, debts, profits

Record companies requirements for any recording Artist, any musical Band.
1. ANR or a musical representative for the record company. These days ANRs become an option.
2. Lawyers to help you signing any deals or a guarantee loan an advance. Important but still an if you don’t want to deal with paper work
3. How good is your music? Sometimes you don’t really need a good music record but great funds to market your album
4. YouTube views, FB fan page likes, Twitter followers, Instagram followers,
5. Any tours, shows you have done

You are being treated as brand business not just an artist, writers, DJ, Comedian, poets, inventors etc…
My offers for a small fee of $49.99 sale price. This first option is a must.
-SOE for your brand for anyone to find you online. As long as you have a website. You can check the search engine industry anywhere, it will cost you way much more than this.
-Tools and exact already research links for your specific brand to turn into a business.
-We search for low fees application for any registrations, licenses, Fees that you are going to need
-Your specific business brand industry funding

Add on option $59.99 2nd second bonuses
-Social media promotion from FB, Instagram, twitter
The reason why this promotion cost because it takes time to build up followers for your specific business, fan page likes, twitter followers to promote your brand.

Free bonuses for Musical Artist and Bands: where you can submit your single record for TV shows, Commercials and movies.

Free Mentor form me for a whole first month to make sure you are track with your business brand.

Bonus mentor from an experience staff entertainment agent name Keith Jenkins who is partnered with William Branca in artist branding. Keith has also financed shows and promoted actress and comedian Sommore. Sommore is currently on Showtime with her latest project “Chandalier Status”. Sommore is also the host on BET/Comedy central Comic View, and was in the last series in the movie “Last Friday” starring Mike Epps and Ice Cube. Keith is also a motivational speaker and lot of experience in business in general. He’s Willing to help you prepared your paper work for a small fee.

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